Another sign of our decent into a true third world state given the news today that 1 in 5, 20%, babies born in Puerto Rico is born premature. This figure has gone up one percent every year for the last five years. One could speculate it is because of the total ineptitude of our government giving rise to depression in young mothers. Congratulations, Puerto Rico now has the highest percentile of premature babies of all the US jurisdictions.


Video 59 dissappears?

November 16, 2005

There appears to have been a break in at the capitol bulding’s security office. Hmmmmm. Normal behavior most other times in Puerto Rico. Everything gets stolen. (Sidenote: I once had a padlock stolen from a front door. No key! Just the padlock!!!) Now, only one person has a key to this office and it is Nelida “Boom” Santiago. What’s missing? VIEDOTAPES!!! What a carniaval of idiots. I must stop as my bowels are about to let go from laughing.

Puerto Rico is a beautiful island run by the the most inept, delusional people I can imagine. It is an island full of potential. Unfortunately it will remain that, a potentially nice place. Emerging economies must be nimble to keep up in the modern digital age. Let’s take a simple example of how to screw up something simple. Maps.

There has been an explosion in the world of travel technology with the advent of Google Maps and other services. Google Maps rules the map marketplace for many reasons as detailed in the Scoble post, but mostly because of the opne API which allows other services to build upon the technology. The services that have spawned from this range for the cutting edge to the inane but they have added so many features to the original service that others will never catch up. Puerto Rico misses out on this very basic jump in techonolgy because we can’t get our maps straight. Let’s take a landmark, one that the average traveller would use, say the Caribe Hilton Hotel. The map services put it in Old San Juan. Not next to San Geronimo, *in* Old San Juan. Now that is simply not going to cut it when people depend on these to get to their travel destinations. It is all because Puerto Rico has never had any intiative to get their maps straight. Maps are pretty much useless if you addressing system in completely FUBAR. Puerto Rico’s address system is beyond repair by any means know to man, barring a tsunami sompletely washing the island clean and giving us the oportunity to start fresh. Perhaps the more fundamental issue is that Puerto Rico and Puertoricans do not regard this as a problem. Or even an issue for that matter. So the world will pass us by. Tourism sould explde if people could actually find where they are supposed to go. Not in Puerto Rico.


Car navigation systems don’t work here either. I cannot begin to say how many luxury cars there are in Puerto Rico with totally useless navigation systems.


Senator 69

November 3, 2005

Speculation on the married Senator caught smooching or worse on Capitol security cameras has centered on one Carlos Diaz. Worse Sen. Kenneth McClintock has tried to cover up and not release the video. Federal attorney Castellano stated that the video *is* public property and must be released. Boy is this going to be be the mother of all clusterf*&s. It could be the thing thtat topples McClintock from the Senate presidency.


Puerto RIco’s Government Development Bank head was asked if the degrading of the government’s bonds to junk by Moody’s would have an adverse effect on the governaments ability to issue bonds. “No” was his monosyllabic answer. I see a trend on monosyllabic answers by top officials to presssing questions/ What is going on here? Kool-Aid anyone?


They are playing a clip from a news conference on NotiUno of Jesus Rodriguez Garcia asking Anibal Acevedo Vila if the phalanx of police and public servants that escorted him would be put to better use if they were performing their “real” duties. Answer from the child governor, “No”. It is a horrific performance by Acevedo Vila in the sense that it reall makes him appear childlike, indifferent to the financial crisis in which Puerto Rico finds itself, and generally very elitist. The press, I really should say NotiUno, as they are they only press with balls to stand up to the government, are going to ride this quote until the next election cycle.


First things first

October 26, 2005

This blog will be dedicated to chronicling the truly insane nature of Puerto Rico’s politics. It will mirror a lot of what is said on the popular evening radio program “En La Mirilla” with Luis Davila Colon which I have listened to religiously since it’s inception.

I will probably be looking for contributors in the near future but we will have to see how this all goes….